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Fon's Pest Management, Inc's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our business.

Fons' Technicians

Eric Fonseca

Pest Control Technician

Eric says he loves working for Fon's because they care about you and give you all the tools you need to be successful. He says they also always make sure the customers are satisfied. 

Charles Bourg

Pest Control Technician

Charles is a Pest Control Technician and handles over 300 customers a month.  He loves working for Fon’s and says, “this is the best job I’ve ever had”.  He likes making his own schedule and as long as his work is done, he doesn’t hear from the Boss.

Lenny Sanchez

Pest Control Technician

Lenny is the newest member of the Fon's family but with his strong work ethic and eagerness to learn, it's like he's been here for years. He said he loves the flexibility of his schedule, having evenings and weekends off, but most of all the way he's treated like family. 

Colby Crochet

Pest Control Technician

Colby has been with Fon’s since 2019. He chose to work at Fon’s because he is a very outgoing, talkative person, and he figured this job was right up his alley.  Colby feels that Fon’s is a very family-oriented company and treats their employees and customers the same, like family. 

Brad Darcey

Pest Control Technician

Brad is a Pest Control Technician and currently handles the Thibodaux area.  He enjoys spending time with his sons and grandchildren.  In his spare time he likes to do activities with his family. 

Dustin Haynes

Termite Technician

Dustin is fairly new to the Company but has caught on very quickly to his duties in the Termite Division.  He loves getting off early and being off on the weekends to be able to spend time with his daughter.  He loves to travel with his wife, and he likes to bowl in his spare time.

Jimmy Leboeuf

Termite Technician

Jimmy has been working at Fon’s for over 22 years.  He has experience in all areas of the field services.  Jimmy enjoys spending time with his family on the weekends and says that’s what he likes about working at Fon’s, having his weekends off.  He says he has met so many people during his career and has made many lifelong friends.

Lynn "Mo" Morvant

Pest Control/Termite Technician

Mo says that Fon's is a great company to work for with great benefits and great people. He also said he should have started working at Fon's a long time ago and we all agree. 

Cody Lirette

Termite Technician

Cody is a Termite Technician and a native of Bayou Blue.  He has been working for Fon’s since 2015 and his favorite thing about his work is getting to meet and talk to different people.

Fon's Technicians

Francis Marceaux

Termite Technician

Francis is a Termite Technician and new to the Business but it seems like he has always been part of our Group.  He makes us all laugh and never meets a stranger.  He loves his job because of the wonderful people in the Community

James "Jimmy" Wilson

Pest Control Technician

Jimmy loves the customers and the people he works with.

Darrell Duke

Termite Technician

Darrell is one of the newest Termite Technicians and is an extremely hard worker with one of the most positive attitudes. He loves working for a professional company that has professional leaders. 

Kevin Naquin

Pest Control Supervisor

Kevin is currently the Pest Control Supervisor at Fon’s.  He also handles the repairs on the engines and purchasing.  Kevin likes staying busy because it makes the day go by and he enjoys being out in the community which allows him to meet new people.

Anthony Pennington

Termite Technician

Tony is a Pest/Termite Technician and also handles Termite Controls.  He has been working for Fon’s for almost 20 years.  He loves his hours and the people he gets to meet throughout the day.  Tony has lived here all his life and still meets new people every day working for Fon’s.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and fishing.

Phil Thiel

Pre-Treat Technician

Phil is the Pre-Treat Technician. He treats all the new slabs for termites. When Phil is not working he enjoys fishing and hunting. Phil worked away from home in the oilfield before working at Fon’s, so he is glad that he is now able to spend time at home with his grandkids.

Henry Leblanc

Operations Manager

Henry is the Manager of Fon’s and has been for over 30 years. He feels blessed to work for great owners and employees he feels that makes his job easier.  Among many responsibilities, Henry’s main one is outside Sales, which enables him to get outside of the office and into the community. “I don’t like talking on the phone a lot, I'd rather meet with customers 1-on-1, it allows me to create new customers and make new friends”.

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